African-American gospel music

with electric steel guitar and vocal. 

As the music moves from sanctuary

to concert hall --

including the Hollywood Bowl,

the Kennedy Center,

Brooklyn Academy of Music

& Symphony Space --

secular audiences are now able

to appreciate a performance

both devoted and rocking. 


Chuck Campbell - pedal steel guitar

Phillip Campbell - electric guitar, bass

Darick Campbell - lap steel

Carlton Campbell - drums


The Campbell Brothers

Beyond The 4 Walls marks

the triumphant return

of the Campbell Brothers

to studio recording

after a hiatus of far too many years.

Since they were first heard

outside their church

almost fifteen years ago,

the group has been on an incredible

and often arduous journey,

balancing their faith with their desire

to take their music to new audiences.

The brothers alternatively

pluck heartstrings

and wail righteously

as practitioners of Sacred Steel -

African-American gospel music

with electric steel guitar and vocals.

National Public Radio said

that the Campbell Brothers' music is,

''every bit as earth-shattering

as (Robert) Johnson's music

was in the '30s.

It's a soul-stirring blend of gospel

and the power and volume

of electric blues and rock,

a sound as hot as brimstone

that kicks holy butt.

It's also shredding perceptions

of country's signature instrument

and the limitations

of church music.''




BREAKING NEWS: Tonight 3/13/18

Chuck Campbell

on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The Campbell Brothers have been

honored to have our music and

performances featured in

the Sacred Steel exhibit at the

newly opened Smithsonian

National Museum of African

American Heritage and Culture.  

We have received Facebook

reports showing footage

from the Sacred Steel documentary

in looped playback in the exhibit –

the scene from the House of God

Church in Rush dedication

was captured in a posting.   


The Campbell Brothers would like

to express our sincere appreciation

and gratitude to Arhoolie Records,

the Arhoolie Foundation, Bob Stone

and yourself for being the driving forces

in introducing and promoting Sacred Steel

to the world at large.

Here’s a link to a local news story:


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